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PET cans, bottles

In our store you can buy plastic bottles and PET cans. We deliver our products all around the world.

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Reliable plastic bottles

Plastic bottle is a universal solution for storage of:

  • distilled and soda water
  • alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks
  • vegetable oil and vinegar
  • milk and sour milk products

Plastic bottle is an airtight packaging, that is suitable for storage and transportation of friable and fluid products.

PET cans don't get broken and provides reliable protection from external influences. Range of our goods is wide, you can choose plastic bottles of any volumes and shapes.

The most profitable way to buy plastic bottles and PET cans for manufactures is to get them wholesale. Put your products in a high-quality and reliable package. Plastic caps and special equipment provide hermeticity and lengthen shelf life.

Rinsler has modern equipment, which guarantees high production level of plastic items.

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We provide safe, ecologically clean and reliable packing.